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Dr. Taffy Twister Blanket
$ 80.00

$ 90.00

Dr. Taffy Twister Blanket

Printed one sided, back side is white. 60″ X 80″ 

Fluffy – 100% Polyester. Micro-Fleece Blanket, Heavy Knitted with Ultra-Fine Microfiber Yarns.

Machine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry.

These are made to order and take 10-14 days to ship. 

The one and only Dr. Taffy Twister! With the only PHD in twisting taffy ever issues from Harvard! She's working coast to coast twisting all the taffy you could possibly want twisted! This was just too perfect of a fit not to paint. I find both giraffe's and octopi extremely unique and awkward animals and the fact that they work so well together makes too much sense. 

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