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Cat Nap Tapestry
Cat Nap Tapestry
$ 120.00

Cat Nap Tapestry

56" X 60" Tapestry.

Available with regular or UV/blacklight reactive inks. Printed with a dye sublimation process that produces vibrant colors.  

Printed on a custom polyester blend material for a smooth, durable tapestry. Comes with grommets on all four corners for easy hanging. 

Washer & Dryer safe.

This tiger piece is actually a concept that I first painted back in 2012 and wanted to revisit. This version was painted in 2020 and I'm super happy about how it came out. The jungle was definitely a challenge and was intimidating at first. This painting is perfect for a bedroom or hung in the living room as a nice reminder to take a break. This is done in acrylic, house paint, and a touch of spray paint. 

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